Why Luke and Anna?


Luke and Anna both grew up in full-time ministry families, Luke in the home of a  Youth Pastor then Camp Director, Anna in the home of an evangelist. We met while serving the Lord. 

  1. Luke and Anna both have had a love for and experience in multiple cultures. 

  2. Anna’s degree in both Biblical Studies and Elementary Education, as well as her years of experience as an elementary school teacher, will give a solid basis for a well-rounded and purposeful children’s ministry. Anna’s ability with music and piano is a need in the church in Malta. Her years of experience teaching piano will allow relationship opportunities and open doors to be a private tutor.

  3. Luke’s Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Studies and Master of Divinity give him training and credibility to Rightly Divide the Word of Truth.

  4. Luke served and gain experience during his 4 year internship at First Baptist Church, St. Francis, MN, under the leadership of Pastor Steve Brower, which culminated in his being ordained by the church in 2018.

  5. God’s step-by-step leading of Luke and Anna to Malta has been clear and surrounded by godly counsel.