The Republic of Malta is an archipelago of Mediterranean Islands, strategically located between Southern Europe and North Africa. As a result of it’s location, Malta has been conquered by many different civilizations through the years. Each conqueror left remnants of their civilization which makes Malta a cultural melting pot in many different ways. 


St. Paul’s Bay

The believed location of Paul’s shipwreck as told in Acts 27-28

St. Paul’s Bay

The apostle Paul was shipwrecked on Malta, as recounted in Acts 27-28. The believed location of that wreck is called St. Paul’s Bay to this day. 



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Because the British controlled Malta for over 150 years, English is the official language and is spoken by more than 88%. The local/national language is Maltese and reflects the diversity of culture. Maltese is a mixture of Italian and Arabic and is the only semitic language in the European Union.


Size and Population

Malta is made up of three islands: Malta, Gozo, and Comino. Although all the islands together are only 122 square miles, Malta is home to 475,000 people.



The capital of Malta is Europe’s smallest at only .3 square miles.



Malta gained independence in 1964, and joined the European Union in 2004.



Malta is 98% Catholic. An estimate 60% attend Mass weekly.


World War II

Malta played a vital role in the war; it held fast against Italian attacks.