Luke and Anna Tanis were both raised in full-time ministry homes. They both had opportunities to be apart of mission trips in their single years, which God used to plant a seed of the need of spreading the Gospel globally. 

They met serving at a Christian camp and were married in 2014. Their son, Theo, was born in January of 2018. The last four years, as Luke completed his Seminary education, Anna has served as a 1st and 2nd grade teacher at their sending church’s Christian school, and Luke served on the pastoral staff.

In 2016, they had the opportunity to visit Zambia and Kenya; their burden for missions continued to grow. God used that trip to confirm the call to missions for their lives. After fervently praying for God’s direction in what country He would have them serve, they were connected with Baptist Mid-Missions. They expressed their desire to team up with another missionary family, and after identifying their strengths, weaknesses and desires, BMM gave several suggestions. So many missionaries need co-laborers. 

As they continued to pursue God’s will, they learned of the tremendous needs and Gospel opportunities on the island of Malta. God has made it very clear that He has uniquely equipped and specifically burdened Luke and Anna for the ministry in Malta